Our Story

Welcome to my online shop! I see you’re a little curious about how I ended-up creating jewelry and loving it...

I currently live in beautiful Innisfil (Ontario). I grew-up in a small Northern Ontario farming town, but moved for several years to the big city life in Toronto. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always had a lot of creativity which led to designing new creations made mostly of paper, paint, glue and glitter. Over the years, I experimented with different mediums (including scrapbooking) and always enjoyed art classes. Once I started high school and working part-time, my art projects became lesser and lesser, as I focused on subjects such as Sciences, Mathematics and Languages (French & English).

Fast forward to 2015, after having graduated from College and working full-time as an Esthetician, I started to focus on getting my life in order. I started following a healthy lifestyle, while incorporating regular workouts. Eventually, my creativity ‘bug’ came back and I decide to branch-out into jewelry designs with focus on Motivational Fitness Jewelry. I love miniatures and just couldn’t resist tiny fitness charms! It was quite the learning curve to learn everything I could about handcrafting jewelry, charms and accessories. I also needed to learn to apply the business knowledge I had learned in school to figure-out how to open my own e-commerce business.

Through trial and error, I officially opened my own web-store in September 2016. It was a slow start, but that gave me time to learn as I was expanding new designs. My favorite part of owning my own online jewelry boutique is the ability to listen to my customers’ feedback and adapt accordingly. I love creating custom designs that leave my customers happy and proud to gift to loved ones. In March 2017, I decided to offer my jewelry pieces to Etsy customers by opening my own Etsy Store. The growth on Etsy was fast. I currently also run these two Etsy Stores: 



I look forward to creating unique personalized jewelry for you, or to gift to a loved one. :)